Effigy of Wildcat at Newtonmore

This evening, I am reporting on today’s group hike along the Wildcat Trail, around Newtonmore in the Scottish Highlands.

Newtonmore is a village with population of 982 which is located about forty-five miles south of Inverness. Altitude is 253m or 829ft.

Tourism is a major industry in the area.

The Scottish Wildcat is an endangered species. Using the wildcat as a theme a hiking trail has been established in form of an orbital path around Newtonmore through a fascinating variety of woodland, gorge, river and moorland with associated scenic views. At this time of year there is residual snow on the mountains and Spring lambs in the valleys. The hikers benefited from dry, sunny weather with good visibility. The trail covers 6.2 miles or 10 km.


Crossing the River Calder

Hiking the Wildcat trail

River Calder

Hiking the Wildcat trail

Highland scenery, Wildcat Trail

Spring lambs at Newtonmore

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