Mary, Queen of Scots reenactment at Traquair House

This morning, we departed our lodgings in Glasgow and drove S.W. towards the Jedburgh region in the Scottish Borders, a trip which too about two hours. On the latter section of the drive we encountered classic Borders landscape as manifested in rolling hills, narrow roads, omnipresent sheep, rivers and streams and seasonal colours (gorse).

Scottish Borders Landscape

Scottish Borders Landscape

Scottish Borders Landscape

Our first destination was Traquair House which has a history dating back to 1107 and which has been home to the Stuart family since 1491. We were met by Catherine Stuart a descendent of Mary Q of S. and toured the ancient house in course of which we encountered a lady dressed in typical attire of Mary.

Traquair House, Scottish Borders

Maze at Traquair House, Scotland.

Four poster bed at Traquair House.

Dining room at Traquair House.

Landscape view from Traquair House

Mary, Q of S visited Traquair House in summer 1566 in context of, a hunting trip. Mary’s husband, Darnley joined her there but the two were in disagreement at the time.

We had lunch at Traquair’s restaurant and then moved on to Hermitage Castle, a stark and remote edifice.

Hermitage Castle, Scotland

Mary visited Hermitage on October 16th 1566. Mary and her entourage rode to Hermitage, a fifty mile journey on horseback, to visit Bothwell, her advisor, who had been seriously wounded and was close to death. Upon returning from the Hermitage visit Mary fell seriously ill but later recovered.

Hermitage Castle, Scotland

After spending about one hour at Hermitage we drove north to Edinburgh arriving at the hotel about 6.15pm in readiness for guests return trip tomorrow.

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