Glasgow Necropolis, Scotland

Today, I visited Glasgow Necropolis which was resplendent in the bright sunshine.

This high elevation burial ground is well maintained and is now established as a popular visitor site.

Glasgow Necropolis, Scotland

Information on Glasgow Necropolis:

  • In association with the adjacent Cathedral, the Necropolis site has a long history dating back to at least the 6th century AD when St. Mungo was active baptising Christian converts. Subsequently the site became known as ‘place of the grey rock’, then Wester Craigs, Golf Hill, Fir Park, Merchants Graveyard and finally the Necropolis.
  • The catalyst for establishment of the Necropolis burial ground was an early 19th century population explosion in Glasgow combined with appalling living conditions and disease which in turn resulted in a huge uplift in the death rate which could not be accommodated by existing burial grounds and cemeteries. To relieve this pressure the Necropolis was established as Glasgow’s first planned cemetery in tandem with a botanic and sculpture garden. The site benefits from a high elevation which affords superb views of the nearby Glasgow Cathedral, the Clyde Valley and associated hilly landscape.
  • The Necropolis is best known as the resting place for Glasgow’s merchant and administrative elite of the Victorian era (19th century), many of which are remembered with elaborate and expensive monuments, memorials and mausolea many of which have architectural and/or artistic merit. The site is approached via the Bridge of Sighs and then past an elaborate entrance façade (crypt) which is not open to the public. Thereafter the visitor can explore at leisure or follow the official Heritage Trail which includes such interesting structures as: Aitken of Dalmoak Mausoleum; the Egyptian Vaults; Major Archibald Douglas Monteath Mausoleum; James Ewing of Strathleven Monument; John Knox Monument (which predates the Necropolis); and the William Rae Wilson Monument. There is an official Heritage Trail  which takes about 2 hours to navigate around some 35 important memorials and related sites.

Video clip of Glasgow Necropolis

Elaborate monuments at Glasgow Necropolis

View South from Glasgow Necropolis

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