Highland Cows in Glen Fruin, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on Glen Fruin. This valley runs east-west between Loch Lomond and Gare Loch in the West of Scotland. The Fruin Water (river) runs through the Glen.

Glen Fruin is best known as the site of one of the last clan battles in Scotland. This took place in 1603 between forces of Clan Gregor and their allies and Clan Colquhoun and their allies. The MacGregors prevailed.

The video clips illustrate a typical Scottish single track road, with number three showing the approach to the British submarine base at Garelochhead at the northern tip of Gare Loch, a sea loch.

Glen Fruin, East to West, 1.

Glen Fruin, East to West, 2.

Glen Fruin, East to West, 3.

Battle of Glen Fruin Marker Stone

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