Sand covered dinosaur footprints on Staffin Beach

This evening, I am reporting on Staffin, a small community on the N.E. coast of the Isle of Skye, about seventeen miles directly north of Portree. The Isle of Skye is a popular visitor destination in the Inner Hebrides, an island chain located off Scotland’s West Coast.

Video clip of  road along Staffin Bay

Staffin Bay, Isle of Skye

Staffin and nearby locations have become famous of late due to the discovery of fossilised dinosaur footprints dating from the Jurassic period, about 200m to 145.5m years ago. During this period giant, plant-eating dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Specimens of the footprints can be seen in the Staffin Museum although some are also in situ on the local beach but are only exposed when sand is removed during certain tidal and wind conditions. Fossilised oysters can also be seen on the beach.

Fossilised Dinosaur footprints in Staffin Museum.

Dinosaur Footprint in Staffin Museum.

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