Gourock and Firth of Clyde from Lyle Road.

This morning, about half the tour group elected to join the motor tour with rest staying in Glasgow. This post covers the motor tour.

First, we drove west along the south bank of the River Clyde passing through the old industrial areas of Port Glasgow (with Timber Ponds and Newark Castle) then Greenock to Gourock where we stopped for scenic views of the Firth of Clyde from vantage point of Lyle Road.

Firth of Clyde from Gourock

Next, we joined the ferry from Gourock to Dunoon, across the Clyde. Journey took about twenty minutes.

Dunoon from Clyde Ferry

Argyll Street, Dunoon

On arrival at Dunoon we availed of lunch and then moved on:

  • North, alongside Loch Eck and through the Argyll Forest Park;
  • Continued north alongside Loch Fyne;
  • East to Rest and be Thankful;

Rest and be Thankful

  • South along Loch Lomond until we turned west on the A817 to Garelochhead where we passed a R.N. submarine base; and
  • South through Helensburgh and Cardross to Dumbarton and finally into Glasgow and back to our lodgings.

Weather commenced benign but deteriorated into heavy rain this afternoon.

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