Tour Guest with Eurasian Eagle Owl in Ambleside.

Blog post June 23rd, 2017

This morning, we departed our lodgings in Edinburgh, Scotland and drove south-west through rolling, green countryside of the Scottish Borders to the English Lake District.

Our target was Ambleside which we approached via the banks of Ullswater and the Kirkstone Pass. Latter is high elevation and due to adverse weather, we were in cloud for latter part of the trip with attendant poor visibility.

Ambleside town centre

Ambleside from Kirkstone Pass, Lake District.

Pleasure steamer on Ullswater.

The Lake District is characterised by hills, mountains, waterfalls, lakes, many sheep and dry-stone boundary walls.

Upon arrival at Ambleside we availed of a pub lunch followed by a short walk around the town entailing an encounter with a (tame) Eurasian Eagle Owl.

Bridge House, Ambleside

Eurasian Eagle Owl in Ambleside

Next, we moved on to our next destination of York in northern England. En-route we came across a Highland Cow which afforded another photo-opportunity.

Highland Cow photo-opp,

Landscape view from Kirkstone Pass

Finally, after delays on the road due to construction work, we arrived at our lodgings in York at 6.30 pm.

Tomorrow, we explore York.

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