Royal Apartments at Stirling Castle

Today, was the final day of our small group tour covering Scotland.

We departed our lodgings in Dunkeld and walked round to the local Cathedral, the site of which has a long history dating back to the 600s. Over the millennia the site has witnessed worship under the Celtic Church, the Catholic Church and, currently, Church of Scotland (Presbyterian).

The Square, Dunkeld, Scotland.

Riparian scene with River Tay at Dunkeld.

Dunkeld Cathedral, Scotland

Inside Dunkeld Cathedral

Next, we transferred south to Braco where we visited the Roman fort known as Ardoch which dates from the 1st century AD  with subsequent usage in the 2nd century AD until abandonment.

Perimeter of Ardoch Roman Fort, Braco.

Next to Doune Castle which has become famous as a filming location for Monty Python and Outlander. The castle dates from the 1400s and was originally a hunting lodge for the Scottish Royals at nearby Stirling Castle.

Doune Castle, Scotland

Great Hall, Doune Castle

Next to Stirling Castle in central Scotland. In addition to its military function the castle was a royal palace for the Stuart dynasty during the 16th century.

Stirling Castle

Finally, guests were deposited  at new lodgings in Edinburgh.

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