Tour Guest at Paisley Abbey

This morning, I collected guest from central Glasgow and embarked on an ancestry themed tour covering Glasgow, Paisley, Oort Glasgow, and Govan.

We covered a diverse range of sites:

  • Industrial History: Shipbuilding in Govan and thread making in Paisley.

Anchor Mill, former cotton thread mill at Paisley

Govan Graving Docks (abandoned) at Govan

Reference to possible ancestor, David Donald at Fairfield Heritage Centre

Entrance to Fairfield Shipbuilders Heritage Visitor Centre, Govan

  • Medieval Period: Barochan Cross (8th or 9th century AD), Paisley Abbey and Newark Castle.

Barochan Cross, Paisley Abbey

Newark Castle, (15th century AD), Port Glasgow

Paisley Abbey. incepted 12th century, AD.

Interior of Paisley Abbey, Scotland

  • Current Shipbuilding: Ferguson Marine at Port Glasgow.

Ship under construction at Port Glasgow

  • Sightseeing: Views of Glasgow and waterfall at Paisley.

Glasgow skyline and River Clyde.

Science Centre Tower, Glasgow.

Hammills Waterfall at Paisley.

  • Views of Paisley

The Cross, Paisley.

Dunn Square, Paisley.

Weather was dry with sunshine improving as day progressed.

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