Tour group at Blacklock Gravemarker, Tundergarth

This morning, we departed our lodgings in Kelso, returned hired fishing equipment and embarked on the final day of our combined ancestry and sightseeing tour in the Scottish Borders.

First, we drove to the village of Tundergarth, near Lockerbie where the family group were successful in locating gravestones of ancestors, the Blacklocks.

Tundergarth Church, Scotland.

Next, we moved on to the town of Lockerbie for lunch.

Lockerbie Town Centre

After lunch we moved on to Dumfries and the Twelve Apostles Stone Ring near the village of Holywood. This structure is actually an oval and now consists of eleven stones, down from original eighteen. The ring dates from the Neolithic period of around 3000BC- 1000BC.

Twelve Apostles Stone Ring, Dumfries.

Twelve Apostles Stone Ring, Scotland

Next, to the hamlet of Middlebrie with aim of finding a farm named Mosshead or Lochhead where Blacklocks resided in the 18th century. Unfortunately, we were not successful within the time available but the writer will undertake further research.

Next, we tried to find access to the Burnswark combined Iron-Age and Roman sites but were thwarted by restricted road access and time limitations. Again, the writer plans to re-visit this site later.

Finally. the tour group were deposited at Lockerbie rail station for onward travel to departure airport.

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