Today, the Catswhiskers team achieved a long-held objective of visiting the Devil’s Pulpit in Finnich Glen.

Actual location is not signposted. It is close to the junction of A809 and B834 near the village of Killearn in the Stirling district and about sixteen miles NNW of Glasgow in the West of Scotland.

Trossachs scenery near Finnich Glen, Scotland.

The site comprises a 70 ft deep gorge carved out of red sandstone. The scenery is outstanding featuring lush green vegetation, woodland, mosses, lichens and ferns not to mention the actual gorge and waterfall.

Devil’s Pulpit

Visitor numbers are growing due to popularity on social media and such sites as TripAdvisor. However, access is high risk due to a combination of the following:

  • No official parking site with visitors being forced to undertake a short walk along the very busy-and dangerous A809.
  • Path alongside the river is extremely muddy which is compounded by churning due to high visitor numbers.
  • To access the path entails scrambling through a part damaged barbed wire fence.
  •  To reach the heart of the site entails navigating down a near vertical flight of stone steps which are not well maintained and very wet and  slippery. There is a loose rope support alongside the steps but the rope is thin and break is inevitable.
  • The river is deep in parts and fast flowing.

A woman I met at the site expressed surprise she had not been required to sign a legal disclaimer!

Steps to Devil’s Pulpit

Above risk factors notwithstanding, the effort was rewarded when we actually reached the heart of the site, as illustrated in the images and video shown in this post. To reach the waterfall entailed walking through the stream, being waist deep in parts, although the water temperature was surprisingly mild.

Devil’s Pulpit, Finnich Glen, Scotland

At Devil’s Pulpit site, Finnich Glen

Finnich Glen

Visitors at Devil’s Pulpit site

Should I visit again I would take with me a stout walking pole, waist-high waders, change of clothes and thick rope.

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