Horned sheep, possibly of Jacob breed.

This morning, I embarked on an eighteen mile return trip by bicycle to Eaglesham, a conservation (heritage) village south of Glasgow, Scotland.

In course of this trip I encountered many interesting sites and sights including:

  • A Deer Farm.

Herd of Deer.

  • Black Sheep.

Black Sheep

  • A single, white, horned sheep, possibly of the Jacob breed. Refer top of this post.
  • Interesting architectural features of the 18th century planned town of Eaglesham.

Armorial Stone in Montgomery Street. probably from nearby Polnoon Castle and 14th century in origin.

Montgomery Street, Eaglesham

Eaglesham Parish Church

Swan Inn (pub).

Polnoon Street, Eaglesham

Woodland scene in centre of Eaglesham

  • Location of Rudolf Hess’s crash landing in May, 1941 in abortive attempt to bring early end to WW2.
  • Trout Fishery.

Eaglesham Trout Fishery

  • The U.K.’s largest Wind Farm. Whitelee is comprised of 215 turbines which can generate 539 megawatts of electricity which is enough to power up to 300,000 homes.

Eaglesham Wind Farm

Overall, a rewarding trip.Weather was benign although visibility was influenced by heavy cloud cover.

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