Highland Cow, Brodick Castle, Arran, Scotland

Today, we experienced mixed weather conditions notwithstanding which our plans remained intact.

First, a group of three golfers were transferred from Brodick to Shiskine in readiness for 10.10 am tee time.

Arran coastline at Shiskine

Shiskine Golf Club, Arran

Upon return of the bus to Brodick rest of group were transferred to Isle of Arran Brewery in readiness for 11.00 am tour of the (craft) brewery. This proceeded on schedule and lasted about one hour. The full brewing process was explained. This entailed malting, milling, lauter tun, wort receiver, brew kettle, whirlpool, heat exchanger, fermentation, filtration, conditioning and bottling. Key product is Arran Blonde which sells across Scotland and into northern England. Small samples of each product was supplied.

Staff at Isle of Arran brewery, Brodick

Key products at Isle of Arran Brewery

Brewhouse, Isle of Arran Brewery

Next, after visiting local craft shops, the main group had lunch and was reunited with the golfers about 2.15 after which some group members visited Brodick Castle grounds with others availing of a free afternoon in Brodick.

Recreated Bronze Age Round House at Brodick Castle

Garden at Brodick Castle, Arran

Brodick Castle, Isle of Arran

Great news! Announcement of engagement whilst at Brodick Castle today. See Clan Currie post below.

Tomorrow, we return to the mainland and transfer to Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital where we should arrive around early afternoon.

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