Currie Plaque at Clachan, Shiskine, Arran

This morning, we collected a  group of Clan Currie members from central Glasgow, Scotland and embarked on a trip to Isle of Arran as follows:

  • First, one hour trip south to Ardrossan for ferry connection to Brodick which sailed on time. However, the criossing was buffeted by rain and wind giving rise to a 30 minute delay due to assistance provided to a fishing vessel which was experiencing difficulties.

Ferry at Ardrossan

  • Upon arrival at Brodick at 12.30pm we visited the nearby Heritage Museum which has a wide range of exhibits dating from prehistoric times through to the 20th century, including a section on the Highland Clearances and local genealogy in which Curries feature prominently.

Blacksmith’s Workshop

Early Bronze Age Cist Burial

WW1 Curries

  • Next to a historic old church at Clachan, Shiskine in the S.W.of Arran where the group attended a dedication ceremony to a plaque recording the Curries from the local area who worshipped at the site.

Video clip of Piper at ceremony.

Dedication Ceremony

Clachan Church.

Old Burial Ground at Clachan. Final resting place of ,many Curries from local community.

  • Next, to the nearby St Molios Church at Shiskine for another service which lasted about 20 minutes.

St Molios Church, Shiskine.

Effigy of St Molios

  • Finally group were deposited at various hotels around Brodick.
  • Later in the evening the group attended a Ceilidh at Brodick Village Hall.
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