PS Waverley on River Clyde.

This evening, I am reporting on today’s small group hike along the banks of the River Clyde near Erskine , N.W. of Glasgow in the West of Scotland.

The route entailed a walk upstream to Newshot Island Nature Reserve, then a short loop through woodlands, then downstream, past the former slipway of the Erskine Ferry to a point  directly underneath the Erskine Bridge. Distance covered was about four miles.

Erskine Bridge

Along the route the group encountered:

  • Erskine Road Bridge. This¬†4336 feet (1321m) long structure was built to replace a ferry crossing during 1967-71. The design is categorised as cable-stayed box girder. It carries high volumes of traffic and, on a macabre note, is popular with persons wishing to end their lives by suicide.
  • A giant cantilever crane, known as the Titan Crane, which dates from 1907 and is an important link with Glasgow’s shipbuilding past.
  • Historic Paddle Steamer PS Waverley which dates from 1946.
  • Seasonal flora.
  • Haymaking in process.


Summer flora

Group photograph under Erskine Bridge

Lunch Stop

Hiking in the shadows

River Clyde and Erskine Bridge

Hiking group alongside River Clyde.

River Clyde and Titan Crane

As will be evident from images herein, weather was benign with sunshine.

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