Calgary Bay, Isle of Mull, Scotland

This afternoon,  I am posting information on Calgary Bay, a scenic location on the N.W. coast of the Isle of Mull, in turn situated off the West Coast of Scotland. This Bay faces west towards the islands of Coll and Tiree. Distance from Tobermory is twelve miles (west).


  • Name: Translates as ‘Beach of the Meadow Pasture’. Note machair in video clip below, a strip of vegetation between land and beach.
  • Canada Link: Calgary in Alberta was named after Calgary Castle, a small mansion overlooking the bay.
  • Clearance Village: Close by are the remains of Inivea, an abandoned village of 24 buildings. The occupants of Inivea were evicted in the 18th/19th centuries to make way for sheep farming.
  • Topography: Landscape formed by volcanic action some 65M years ago when Mull was a centre of volcanic activity resulting in extensive formations of basaltic igneous rocks including a Volcanic Dyke. Note also, a raised beach due to land rebounding after release of weight of ice formed during last ice-age.
  • Wildlife: Otters, eagles, raptors, divers, ducks,winter waders and ravens.
  • Activities: A good location for sailing, boating, photography, camping and kite flying.

Video clip of Bay.

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