Today, we embarked on two hiking trips from our base at Lagg in the south of the Isle of Arran.

Lagg, Isle of Arran

Forecast rain failed to materialise but cloud cover resulted in mediocre visibility. Temperature was mild with little wind.

First, direct from our lodgings to nearby Torrlinn Beach. On the this route we tracked the Torrylin Burn (river) then encountered remains of a Neolithic (approx. 5000 year old) burial cairn overlooking the sea. On way to the beach we had to pass through a small herd of inquisitive young beef cattle. On arrival at the beach we had to content ourselves with a narrow, rocky strip due to high tide.

On return to Lagg we briefly spotted a rare red squirrel but it moved too quickly for a photograph.There are no grey squirrels on Arran.

Torrylin Neolithic Burial Cairn

Landscape View of Torrlinn Beach

Inquisitive Cattle at Torrlinn.


Torrlinn Beach, Arran

Torrylin Burn, Lagg

Next, we drove via the coastal village of Kildonan to our next destination of Whiting Bay.

Kildonan, Arran

The next hike took about two hours and entailed stops at two principal points, namely Glenashdale Falls and the Giants’ Graves. Latter is actually an early Neolithic site (over 5000 years old) and comprises two chambered burial cairns. Arran is very rich in prehistoric sites led by the famous Machrie Moor all of which suggests a very wealthy and sophisticated population on the island around 5000 years ago.

The hike to the falls entailed traversing an environment reminiscent of a tropical rain forest minus the humidity.Here, there was a small plantation of bamboo, ferns growing on tree branches, fallen logs with a rich covering of moss and fungi. Arran, in common with the west of Scotland benefits from influence of the Gulf Stream  and a climate much warmer and wetter than its northern latitude (similar to parts of Canada) would otherwise warrant.


Fungi on trail to Glenashdale

Tree ferns on trail to Glenashdale

Trail to Glenashdale

Trail to Glenashdale


Giants’ Graves, Arran

Giants’ Graves, Arran

Artist’s impression of Giants’ Graves c 3000 BC.

Whiting Bay, Arran

Pampas grass on trail from Giants’ Graves. A little piece of Argentina in backwoods of Arran.

Finally, we returned to our base at Lagg. Tomorrow, we explore parts of the north of Arran.