Arran Clearances Memorial at Lamlash

Today was characterised by rain with varying degrees of intensity. This was as forecast but forced changes to our plans which had featured visits to coastal sites to view fossilised footprints from the dinosaur era.

First, we drove across southern part of the island to principal town of Brodick. Here we called into the visitor centre at Isle of Arran Brewery, a relatively young craft brewery which is now well established and distributes its products to the U.K. mainland. Unfortunately, the only brewery tour of the day was fully booked but we may return tomorrow depending on circumstances.

Isle of Arran Brewery Visitor Centre

Next, to the nearby Cladach Pottery where we paid a brief visit to the retail outlet.

Cladach Pottery, Isle of Arran

Next, south to a spot roughly equidistant between Brodick and Lamlash. Here, close to the road, is a at least one stone circle which may date back 4000-5000 years and which the writer plans to research in more detail upon return to base. Terrain underfoot at the circle (peat and heather) was heavily saturated resulting in a couple of wet feet!

Lamlash Stone Circle, Isle of Arran

Next to the coastal village of Lamlash for lunch. Here we visited a substantial memorial established in 1977 by Canadian descendants of Arran people who were forced off the land in the early 1800s at a time of mass evictions across the Highlands of Scotland and which were known as the ‘Highland Clearances’.

Arran , Clearances Memorial, Lamlash.

Arran Clearances Memeorial, Lamlash.

Due to the deteriorating weather Lamlash proved to be our final visit of the day and we had to repair to our lodgings to dry out and enjoy a relaxing evening in front of a log fire.

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