Burial chambers at Torrrylin Cairn, Isle of Arran, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on Torrylin, a burial cairn from the Neolithic period (about 5000 years old) within walking distance of Lagg on the southern tip of the Isle of Arran off Scotland’s West Coast. Key features:

  • Comprises four chambers, one of over 25 similar burial cairns on Arran. The cairn overlooks the sea.
  • Categorised as a ‘Clyde Type’ i.e. architecture in common with many others around the Firth of Clyde in S.W.Scotland.
  • Heavily robbed and damaged over the millennia, the cairn originally had a forecourt area defined by tall stones, leading to an inner rectangular chamber divided into four similar compartments.
  • Excavations in the 19th century revealed the remains of six adults, a child, and an infant burial. Fragments of flint tools and pieces of pottery were also discovered.

Torrylin Burial Cairn, Arran, Scotland.