Snowmen at Rouken Glen, Glasgow

Overnight Glasgow,Scotland experienced a moderate snowfall on top of a previous layer of snow and ice.

Glasgow Airport was closed for a short while to permit clearing of runway and in the Scottish Highlands temperatures were reported to be down to minus 12 centigrade (10 degrees F.).

The crisp, conditions encouraged locals to venture out and enjoy the snow whilst it lasted. Activities encompassed Nordic Skiing, snowman building and sledging. Many pet dogs were brought out and seemed to  enjoy the experience.

Sledging at Rouken Glen, Glasgow

Images in this post were taken at Rouken Glen Park in south Glasgow. This site has a wide range of facilities for the public and enjoys high levels of popularity.

Nordic Skiing at Rouken Glen

Wild plants in winter

Winter scene at Rouken Glen

Snowbound steps at Rouken Glen

Scottish Westie at Rouken Glen

Sledging at Rouken Glen

Frozen Pond at Rouken Glen

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