Entrance to Heritage Centre

This evening, I am continuing my Govan theme with focus on the Fairfield Govan Heritage Centre which is located at 1048 Govan Road, Glasgow, Scotland.

The Heritage Centre enables visitors to connect with a time (about 1900) when one-quarter of all ships afloat were built on the River Clyde and the Fairfield yard was preeminent producing a wide range of vessels including liners, steamships and naval vessels.

Facade at Fairfields

More information on Fairfields and Govan:

  • Driven by the shipbuilding industry, Govan grew rapidly, between 1850 and 1900, with population reaching 90,000 by 1912.
  • Shipbuilding at Govan was influenced by deepening of the River Clyde.
  • The Fairfield building was designed by architect, John Keppie and built between 1889 and 1891. This facilitated a fully integrated ship design and construction process from drawing offices to engine works to mould hall.
  • The Fairfield building today has been restored and has achieved the highest ‘A’ rank listing for heritage buildings.
  • Behind the old Fairfield facade ship construction continues under the aegis of British military defence contractor, BAe Systems.

Boardroom at Fairfield Heritage Centre.

Shipyard workers.

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