Carousel Roundabout at George Square, Glasgow, Scotland.

This morning, I visited George Square in central Glasgow, which is Scotland’s largest city. Object of the trip was to photograph the seasonal Christmas Funfair at the site.

By way of background, George Square sits at the historic and commercial heart of Glasgow. It was first laid out in 1781 and evolved in tandem with Glasgow’s growth and prosperity. Today,the Square is a venue for a wide range of public gatherings and events which include  meetings, demonstrations,concerts and ceremonies. Surrounding the Square are important buildings which include Queen Street Station, City Chambers  (Town Hall), and the Cenotaph.

Although named after King George III, not one of the eighteen statues in the square (which represent the great and the good from the 18th and 19th centuries) personify the eponymous monarch.This anomaly is attributable to the financial losses incurred by Glasgow’s merchants as a consequence of the said King George ‘losing’ the American colonies in the late 18th century. The statue on the central plinth in the square was intended to represent King George but because of the King’s unpopularity it was replaced with a statue of Scottish romantic novelist, Sir Walter Scott.

George Square at Christmas

Wave Swinger Ride

Christmas funfair at George Square, Glasgow

Christmas funfair at George Square, Glasgow

Funfair with Sir Walter Scott statue (tall plinth) in centre.

Funfair at night

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