Glasgow with snow-covered Campsie Fells in distance.

Today, winter arrived in the U.K. with a vengeance as manifested in heavy snow and ice disruption to road and air travel with thousands of homes left without power. In Glasgow, Scotland there was an upside in form of an unusual coincidence of brilliant sunshine, blue skies and light layer of snow and ice. Temperature today in Glasgow was around minus 2 degrees centigrade ( 28 F). A cold night is forecast with temperature hovering around at and just below freezing.

To take advantage of the visibility and conditions I went out for a hike around the local golf course and park with former providing a good vantage point for landscape images of Glasgow and the snow-covered hills beyond, to the north.

View north from Rouken Golf Course.

Video clip of Glasgow looking north.

Pond and waterfall in the park also offered useful photographic opportunities. Additionally,  I benefited from a bonus in the form of a family availing of Nordic Skiing on the undulating parkland, a very usual activity in central Glasgow.

Waterfall in winter

Reflections on pond at Rouken Glen.

Skiing at Rouken Glen.

Video clip of skiing at Rouken Glen

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