Highland Cows at Glen Nevis, Scottish Highlands.

This evening, I am posting information on Glen Nevis in the Scottish Highlands.This is a valley which runs S.E. from Fort William tracking the Water of Nevis (river) along the base of Ben Nevis (mountain) and culminating in three waterfalls: Achriabhach, Lower Falls and Steall Falls. A leisurely round trip drive takes about one hour.

Landscape view of Glen Nevis, Scottish Highlands

Key features of this glen are:

  • Bordered by two ranges of mountains: Mamore Range to the south and Nevis Range to the north, including Ben Nevis 1344m (4,406ft), Britain’s tallest mountain.
  • Close to Fort William, ‘Outdoor Capital’ of Scotland.
  • Marks the beginning/end of West Highland Way, a long-distance hiking trail which runs from Glasgow to Fort William.
  • Here can usually be found free-roaming sheep and, usually, a herd of (photogenic) Highland Cows.
  • At southern end can be found Lower Falls, a scenic site which is popular with visitors.

Drive through Glen Nevis with sheep on road.

Lower Falls, Glen Nevis, Scotland.

Video clip of Lower Falls

  • Has been used as a film set. Here was filmed sequences from:
    • Various Harry Potter films.
    • Braveheart
    • Rob Roy
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