Glasgow and Campsie Fells in distance.

This morning I ventured out to avail of photo opportunities inspired by an unusual combination of bright sunlight, low angle sun, blue skies and sub-zero (centigrade) temperatures. Within the last 24 hours or so Scotland has experienced temperatures down to minus 10/minus 15 centigrade.

As a vantage point I chose an elevated part of Queen’s Park in south Glasgow, Scotland which afforded excellent views looking north towards the Campsie Fells (hills) the top of which had a thin layer of snow reflecting in the sunlight. The views were enhanced by seasonal absence of leaves on the trees.

Glasgow City and Campsie Fells

This area of Queen’s Park is very close to the location of the Battle of Langside in 1568 which Mary, Queen of Scots lost and was forced to flee to England for sanctuary, and ultimate execution.

Trees in winter at Queen’s Park, Glasgow, Scotland.

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