Hiking Group

This evening, I am posting information on today’s small group hike (dog friendly) around Calderglen Country Park and Langland Moss Nature Reserve both of which are in South Lanarkshire, West of Scotland, about twelve miles south of Glasgow.

Calderglen Country Park extends along a scenic wooded glen forged out by the Rotten Calder River, a tributary of the River Clyde. The Glen extends over 5 km and has many attractive waterfalls and important geological features. The northern section of the park is a Geological Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Langlands Moss is an important and rare habitat – a lowland raised bog. Raised bogs are peatlands, the oldest of which date back to the last Ice Age.Peat forms where there is high rainfall and low temperatures. The peat then forms into a raised dome, often several metres thick, which rests on the water table.

As illustrated below, the group encountered an elaborate wooden statue, waterfalls, sheep. tree fungi, the Rotten Calder River and a peat bog.

Unnamed wooden statue

Pampered Pooch

Hiking Trail

Tree fungi


Meeting of waters

Rotten Calder River

Flock of sheep

Walkway across peat bog

Plants of the Peatland

Hiking Trail



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