Ben Lomond on New Year’s Day 2018

Today, New Year’s Day 2018, I ventured out for some exercise in firm of a hike in the Trossachs region of Scotland, near Loch Lomond.

Taking comfort from above freezing temperatures and forecast of weather brightening up in the early afternoon, I drove to Luss (on banks of Loch Lomond) and then across the road to the start of the hill path to Beinn Dubh, a peak which reaches a height of 642m (2106 feet). Beinn Dubh is a Gaelic name which translates as Black Mountain.

Sign to Beinn Dubh

Hill path at lower levels with mountain in distance.

As start the weather was dry but very overcast which provided for some unusual light conditions as evidenced in the images in this post.

Southern section of Loch Lomond on New Year’s Day 2018

View south from Beinn Dubh Hill Path.

Light shining through the clouds over Loch Lomond

As I progressed up,the pathway became saturated to extent it was effectively a stream draining the melting snow from the higher levels.

On the way up I encountered a flock of sheep at about 1000 feet and noticed a herd of deer in the distance.

After about two hours I was nearing the peak but by that time persistent rain converted to driving snow and with my clothes and possession saturated valour was replaced by discretion and I made a decision to return to base at Luss. On the way down, the precipitation eased thus providing an excellent opportunity for photographs of snow-clad Ben Lomond (3194 ft) on opposite side of Loch Lomond.

Snow-capped peaks near Beinn Dubh, Scotland

By the time I reached base at Luss my body temperature was near hypothermic thus proving that Scotland’s hills, even at the lower levels should be treated with respect and persons venturing out should always have robust, waterproof clothing.

Overall, the hike lasted about three and a half hours.