Inside Garnethill Synagogue.

This evening, I am posting information on Garnethill Synagogue in the centre of Glasgow, Scotland.

Summary facts and information as follows:

  • Opened in 1879 to replace an earlier and smaller synagogue in George Street. At this time the population of Jews in Glasgow city was barely 1000.This was prior to a big uplift in Jewish migration to Scotland in the 1890s.
  • Garnethill grew and maintained its leading position as the Jewish community improved its socio-economic status with populations moving from the outer lying Gorbals region to Garnethill and Hillhead.
  • Here can be found the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre which holds collections which include synagogue registers and minute books of Jewish organisations, photographs, books, newspapers, oral histories, paintings and sculptures, immigration papers, friendly society regalia and your group uniforms, ceremonial keys, trophies and war medals. Admission to  the Archives is free.

Video clip of history of the Jews in Glasgow, at Garnethill.

Inside Garnethill Synagogue.

Exterior architecture of Garnethill Synagogue

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