Spaniel enjoying the snow at Linn Park, Glasgow

Today, Scotland, in common with many parts of the U.K., was paralysed by a harsh winter storm which resulted in cancelled trains, buses and flights. Over 1600 schools were closed (affecting 450,000 students) while many colleges, universities and businesses were also closed.

Against the foregoing background, I embarked on a four-hour hike around the locality in south Glasgow. This proved a strange experience with roads carrying only a fraction of normal traffic, many cars blocked in by snow and pavements (sidewalks) deep in uncleared snow. On the plus side many of the children (who were denied attending school) chose to enjoy the snow, principally tobogganing but also snow boarding and skiing.

White Cart Water, Linn Park, Glasgow

Waterfall on part frozen White Cart Water, Linn Park, Glasgow.

Skiing at Linn Park, Glasgow.

Children enjoying the snow at Linn Park, Glasgow

Halfpenny Bridge ( c.1835) at Linn Park, Clarkston.

No trains on this track at Clarkston

Snow covered lawn bowling club, Clarkston, Glasgow.

View North from Williamwood Golf Course with Campsie Fells (hills) discernable in the distance.

Suburban Street Scene, Glasgow

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