Edradour Distillery, Pitlochry, Scotland.

This morning we departed our lodgings in Stirling and drove north into Perthshire.

First we called in at the country town of Crieff for a short visit and then on to the nearby Famous Grouse Experience at Glenturret Distillery.  Glenturret is a sister distillery of Highland Park and Macallan. The group produces the Famous Grouse blend which incorporates single malts from the three group distilleries plus many others across Scotland.

Hard working distillery cat at Glenturret

We joined the tour of Glenturret, one of Scotland’s oldest and smallest distilleries, which took us through the malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation processes culminating in tastings.

Glenturret Distillery, Crieff.

Famous Grouse Whisky

Glenturret has an extensive merchandising outlet on site.

Next, we continued north through Glen Quaich in rural Perthshire to Kenmore  on Loch Tay where we stopped to visit the Crannog Centre which is centred on a reconstructed high status dwelling from the Iron Age, around 500 BC. In addition to learning about the structure we were also shown experimental archaeology in form of fire lighting and wood-turning from the Iron Age period.

Glen Quaich, Perthshire

Successful fire lighting

Wood turning Iron-Age style

Crannog on Loch Tay.#

Inside the Crannog.

Next, through Aberfeldy to Pitlochry and Edradour Distillery which is privately owned and of similar size to Glenturret. We joined a tour of Edradour  and availed of tastings.

Draff ready for collection at Edradour Distillery.

Whisky Stills at Edradour

Finally, we checked into our lodgings for the night at Pitlochry.

Tomorrow, we visit two more distilleries.