This evening, I am posting an update on my blog post from June 18th 2017.

As will be noted from bullet point five in the narrative below, there was speculation that the headless corpse in the crypt of Wardlaw Mausoleum near Inverness was the remains of the 11th Lord Lovat, aka the ‘Old Fox’ who was executed for treason in 1747. This is of great interest to ‘Outlander’ fans because the clan chief is the grandfather of the fictional Jamie Fraser.

Following a scientific analysis of the remains by Professor Dame Sue Black, a forensic anthropologist, the remains have been determined to be those of a woman in her twenties or thirties. DNA testing will determine if the female is related to a member of the Fraser family.

Thus, the scientific investigation has resolved one mystery but created another, i.e. what was the rationale for placing the particular female’s body inside an anonymous coffin? Curiouser and curiouser!

Wardlaw Mausoleum

This evening, I am posting information on the Wardlaw Mausoleum near Inverness in the Scottish Highlands.

Summary facts and information:

  • Located at Kirkhill, about 8 miles west of Inverness and near to Beauly.
  • Built 1634 as burial place of Lord Lovats, Lovat Clan Chiefs.
  • Tower added 1722.
  • Has become a minor attraction due to connection with the ‘Outlander’ series.
  • Beneath the floor is a crypt containing Lovat coffins one of which may contain the headless skeleton of ‘Simon the Fox’, 11th Lord Lovat, who was executed in London in 1747 for fighting with the Jacobite army at Culloden in 1746, an act deemed treasonable. Scientific examination is underway to determine the identity of the headless skeleton.
  • The Mausoleum is in good condition, having benefited from a recent restoration project.

Coffins at Wardlaw Mausoleum. Blue tarpaulin covers coffin which may contain body of ‘Simon the Fox’.

Opening the crypt.

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