Fortingall scene, Perthshire, Scotland.

This evening, I am posting images and information on the pretty village of Fortingall which is situated in Perthshire, central Scotland, about 52 miles north of Stirling. Key facts and information:

  • An ancient settlement which was substantially rebuilt under the sponsorship of businessman, Sir Donald Currie commencing in the 1890s.
  • Rebuilding, in the Arts & Crafts style, continued through to 1936 and included the village hall and hotel. Note high incidence of thatched houses.
  • The stylish architecture belies a history dating back to at least the 600s when an early Christian community was established, possibly monastic.
  • Strategically located at junction of rivers Tay and Lyon.
  • The name translates as ‘Fortress Church’, being a mix of Brittonic and Gaelic.
  • The churchyard contains a majestic yew, possibly 5000 years old.

Ancient Fortingall Yew

  • In a field close to the village is a prominent earthwork of medieval origin.

Thatched House at Fortingall.

Fortingall Hotel.

Thatched House at Fortingall, Perthshire, Scotland

Fortingall is usually encountered in course of a tour of Glen Lyon.

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