Below is delayed blog post from April 19th 2018.

Dewars whiskies at Aberfeldy Distillery

This morning we started with a brief visit to the Heather Gems outlet in Pitlochry.

Next, on to Strathearn Distillery near Perth in central Scotland. This is a micro distillery which started in 2013 and produces just 30,000 litres p.a. Gin is also produced. The first single malt was recently sold at auction with bottle no 1 reaching a price of GBP4,000.00. However, ‘regular’ bottles of the malt usually sell for about GBP135.00.

At Strathearn Distillery, Perthshire.

Stills at Strathearn Distillery

We were provided with a fascinating tour by the ‘hands on’ distiller.

Next to Dewars World of Whisky at Aberfeldy Distillery.  Here, capacity is 3.5m litres p.a.

Aberfeldy Distillery.

Aberfeldy Single Malt.

Vatting whisky at Aberfeldy Distillery

We joined a tour which took us through the malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation processes culminating in tastings.

After lunch at the distillery visitor centre we moved on to nearby Castle Menzies stopping en-route to view the monument erected to commemorate the raising of the Black Watch regiment.

Black Watch Monument, Aberfeldy

At Castle Menzies we undertook a tour of the extensive interior. This castle is now owned by the Menzies Clan and has benefited from extensive restoration.

Castle Menzies near Weem, Scotland

Interior room at Castle Menzies

Next, we continued towards Glasgow via Loch Tay stopping to view the impressive Falls of Dochart at Killin.

Falls of Dochart, Killin, Scotland

Guests overnighted at a hotel near Glasgow Airport.

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