Glasgow’s Riverside Museum from Govan

Today, I undertook a photo themed walk around Govan in the West of Scotland.

Very briefly, Govan has a proud shipbuilding heritage which continues today, albeit well below peak levels of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Govan is far removed from tourists’ expectations of lochs, castles, clans, mountainous scenery and whisky distilleries. Here, measurements such as alcohol deaths, life expectancy, youth unemployment and adult unemployment combine to present challenges to lift living standards and prosperity. Population is 30,000.

Sir William Pearce, a 19th century shipbuilding magnate and philanthropist

Starter Packs for homeless people

Lighting up outside the Old Harmony Bar

The Old Govan Arms Pub

Govan Road, Govan

Elder Park, a green oasis for Govan locals

The sandstone building below is now a museum. However, the white shed on the right houses modern shipbuilding, predominantly military vessels.

Fairfield Shipbuilders

Modern architecture

Sandstone tenements and shops

St Anthony’s R.C. Church, Govan

Inside Govan Old Church is a carved stone sarcophagus which dates from the 9th century AD and as such ranks as the earliest artwork in Glasgow.

Govan Old Church: A Victorian building which sits on a very ancient Christian site dating back about 1500 years.

Aggies Bar on waterfront-but there is no bar!

Modern housing on River Clyde

Bank of Scotland Branch in central Govan