Roman military exhibit at Museum of London

Today, we commenced our Roman themed tour in earnest with emphasis on Roman London.

Initially Colchester was the capital of Roman Britain with function subsequently transferring to London after a few years.

Our first call was the Museum of London in the financial district which has an excellent gallery dedicated to the Roman period.

Late 4th century marble inscription mention the people of London

Roman dining room AD 300

Roman London, AD 100


Next we walked to the Bloomberg Building, also in the financial district, in the basement of which is a hi-tech (audio-visual) illustration of a Mithraeum (worship of Mithras) based on excavation in the locality. Here, there is also displayed an extensive collection of excavated artefacts from the Roman period.

Roman artefacts on display at Bloomberg building.

Mithraeum, Bloomberg Building.

Mithraeum, Bloomberg Building.

Finally, to the British Museum and the gallery dedicated to the Roman period in Britain.

Section of Woodchester Pavement.

Vindolanda Tablets, one of Britain’s top historical treasures.

Mosaic from Abbots Ann.

Roman Military display.

Samian Ware.

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