Reed beds at Linlithgow Loch

This afternoon, a spent a few hours exploring the area around Linlithgow Loch (lake) which is in the town of Linlithgow, about twenty miles west of Edinburgh.

Linlithgow gained prominence due to existence of Linlithgow Palace, a high status and opulent residence for the Scottish royals which reached its zenith in the 16th century. Mary, Queen of Scots was born at the Palace and probably baptised at the nearby parish church of St Michael. Unfortunately, the Palace suffered extensive fire damage-allegedly accidental-when occupied by a unit of British redcoats in 1746- and was never restored. It is now a visitor attraction.

Linlithgow Palace

Another historical aspect is manifested in the Battle of Stirling Bridge which took place in 1526 and was part of a civil war which broke out at time of power vacuum in Scotland.

The town of Linlithgow offers many historic buildings plus a range of small and ‘mom and pop’ shops catering for a wide variety of interests.

My focus today was on the nature and wildlife in and around the loch which included woodland, scrub, meadow, marsh, reed beds, seasonal flowers and a range of water birds including the Great Crested Grebe and a nesting Swan.


Video clip of Great Crested Grebe fishing for food.

Mallard ducks

Bevy of Swans at Linlithgow Loch

Nesting Swan at Linlithgow Loch


Cherry blossom

Spring daffodls

Celandine flowers

Marsh shore line with Palace in distance

Domestic Geese at Linlithgow

Greylag Goose at Linlithgow.