Swimming in River Eachaig

In the normal course of events the terms ‘Scotland’ and ‘outdoor swimming’ are mutually exclusive, but not today. The West of Scotland is currently subject to a heat wave resulting in temperatures on a par with Hawaii.

To benefit from the unusual climatic conditions the Catswhiskers team drove to Gourock on the Firth of Clyde and then connected with a ferry transfer to Dunoon and then onward to our destination of Glen Massan through which flows the River Eachaig.Our trip entailed passing through a fared valley floor with sheep, horses and haymaking in process. The mountains on either side were heavily wooded (commercial forestry).

Glen Massan

Haymaking in Glen Massan

Marina, Holy Loch

Holy Loch and Kilmun

We were fortunate to find an isolated spot where the river was deep enough for swimming.

Swimming in River Eachaig

Later, we returned via a brief excursion to the ancient settlement of Kilmun which has a parish church with a history (as a Christian site) dating back to the 7th century AD. By the 15th century, the significance of Kilmun as a local centre of Christianity was so great that the adjacent loch became known as the Holy Loch, and the powerful Clan Campbell adopted it as their spiritual home.

Kilmun Parish Church (19th c)

Holy Loch and Firth of Clyde