Alfresco whisky tasting, Glen Garioch Distillery

This is a delayed blog post from Monday, June 25th 2018.

Today, we departed our lodgings in Aberdeen, N.E. Scotland and drove east to visit two distilleries.

First stop was Glen Garioch (pronounced ‘glen gee-ree’ ). This distillery is ultimately owned by Suntory of Japan and has production capacity of 1.37m litres p.a.. Here we spent about four hours availing of a superb tour entailing (a) a tour around the local viewpoints with alfresco tastings (b) lunch at a local high-end hotel and a tour of the distillery with tastings.

Glen Garioch is unusual in that is still has extensive, original floor maltings which are no longer used but provide a useful insight into whisky making of days past.

Old maltings floor at Glen Garioch Distillery.

Stills at Glen Garioch

Mash Tun at Glen Garioch.

Glen Garioch Distillery.

Video clip

Whisky Tasting against backdrop of Aberdeenshire landscape.

Whisky tasting hamper.

Lunch venue: Meldrum Country House Hotel

Next we moved on to GlenDronach which is a sister company of Jack Daniels in U.S. Here we undertook the basic tour which covers malting, mashing, fermentation and distillation culminating in a tasting.

Core range at GlenDronach comprises The Hielan 8 years,Original 12 years, Allardice 18 years, Parliament 21 years and Grandeur 25 years. There is also a peated version.

Unfortunately, photography of the production process is prohibited.

GlenDronach Distillery.

Finally, we returned to our lodgings in Aberdeen thus concluding a satisfying day aided by excellent weather conditions.