Illustration of Roman Army H.Q. at York Minster Undercroft.

York, in North East England, was established as ‘Eboracum’ around AD71 and from thereon functioned as a combined Roman military and civilian base for the succeeding 300 years or so. In fact, in AD208 the Emperor Septimus Severus established his Imperial Court here and ruled the Empire from York for a period of three years whilst campaigning in what is now Scotland.

Images in the post illustrate archaeology and connections with the Roman period at York.

High quality painted plaster in York Minster Undercroft

Roman column in York Minster Undercroft.

Roman Street in York Minster Undercroft

Part Roman Multangular Tower at York

Roman Baths at Sampsons Square, York

Illustration of the Roman garrison city at York

Roman mosaic in Yorkshire Museum

Roman defences at York

Roman column outside York Minster

Bootham Bar. Located on site of one of four main entrances to Roman York