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The Old Man of Storr is a single, 165 ft (55 m) high pinnacle located in the Trotternish region of the Isle of Skye, Scotland. This is the remains of an ancient volcanic plug and protrudes vertically, like a giant finger. This feature can be accessed via a steep path leading from the roadside car park, a popular site for tourists.

Drummond Garden ultimately traces back to the 2nd Earl Drummond who succeeded to the title in 1612 who was influenced by gardens he had seen in France.
The garden features as its centrepiece an obelisk sundial which has 50 faces to show the time in Europe’s capital cities.Surveys in 1755 and 1810 reveal the garden was well established by those dates.Location is near Crieff in central Scotland

The Ring of Brodgar stone circle stands on a plateau measuring 370 feet (113m) across, sloping down to the east and surrounded by a rock-cut ditch up to 30 feet wide and 10 feet deep. Wide causeways are present at the north-west and south-east.Originally 60 but now 29 standing stones cover an area of 91000 Sq feet, Location is Orkney, Scotland.

No central feature and the stones have an average height of 7 feet.
Constructed around 2700 BC .