Rural Scene

This afternoon, I am posting information on a recent small group hike along a route covering seven miles between Lanark and Cleghorn Bridge. This location is about twenty-eight miles S.E. of Glasgow in the west of Scotland.

As will be evident from the images herein, the landscape is rural with extensive range of trees and vegetation. Autumnal fruits such as elderberries and blueberries were encountered.

Wild Sloe Berries


Interesting tree form.

Wooden footbridge.

Hiking group.

Scottish Thistle.

Mouse Water (river).

Landscape View.

Note also the high incidence of fungi which thrive in the mild, wet environment. Rainfall in Lanark averages about forty four inches p.a. Here is a summary of some interesting facts on fungi:-

  • Britain is home to some 12,500 species of fungi, a term which includes mushrooms.
  • Many trees and fungi have symbiotic relationships with each other. Without fungi there would be no trees.
  • Fungi contain enzymes which break down organic matter and facilitate decomposition of dead wood.
  • The shape of fungi are moulded by the local environment.
  • Many types of fungi are edible but, clearly, great care and specialist knowledge is required.
  • Some fungi have medicinal, practical and even hallucinogenic properties. For example, Ink-caps were used for manufacture of ink in days past and Bracket Fungi have anti-septic properties and parts can be used as tinder for fire lighting.
  • Fungi contain mycelium which is the vegetative element consisting of a mass of branching, thread-like hyphae.

Fungi growing on logs.

Fungi at base of tree.

Elaborate growth of fungi on tree.

Fungi growing on logs