Piper on Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Tour on Saturday, September 29th 2018.

Today was dry but on the cool side.

We toured Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city using the hop-on-hop-off tour bus. This took us through key sites in the Old Town (medieval) and New Town (late 18th-early 19th centuries).

Sign at Elephant House Cafe, where J.K. Rowling wrote some of the Harry Potter stories. We had refreshments here.

Royal Mile, Old Town, looking east.

Scott Monument, New Town, 1844. Sir Walter Scott was a famous author and poet who helped to kindle early interest in Scottish tourism.

Register House, New Town. Considered the finest classical building in Edinburgh. Dates from 1774. Home for birth, deaths and marriage records.

Nelson Monument on Calton Hill. An up-ended telescope commemorating the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Monument completed in 1816.

Royal High School in New Town. A building of international stature which was built 1825-29.

Scottish Parliament Building. Opened 2004.

Canongate Church on Royal Mile. Dates from 1688.

John Knox House on Royal Mile. A composite structure dating 16th century. John Knox (1513-1572) was a leading figure in the Scottish Reformation on 1560.

View south, of Pentland Hills.

Crown Square at Edinburgh Castle. here are the Crown Jewels, Royal Apartments, Great Hall and Scottish National War Memorial.

Mons Meg, a medieval bombard which dates from 1449 and was gifted to King James II of Scotland. A fearsome weapon in its day. Located at Edinburgh Castle.

View of Calton Hill and Firth of Forth from Edinburgh Castle.

Foog’s Gate at Edinburgh Castle.

Inside 19th century prison at Edinburgh Castle.

View of New Town from Edinburgh Castle.

National Museum of Scotland.

Royal Scots Greys Statue with Edinburgh Castle in background. Located on Princes Street.

Royal Scottish Academy which dates from 1832. Located on Princes Street.

Palace of Holyroodhouse. This is a library picture due to renovations in process at time of visit. Dates from 1678 and is official residence of the British Monarch in Scotland. Located at foot of Royal Mile.

The Tour of Edinburgh concluded an eight day tour of Scotland.

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