Swilken Bridge at Old Course, St Andrews

Tour Guests at Swilken Bridge

This morning, September 22nd.,we departed Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital and embarked on a trip as follows:

First, across the new Queensferry Crossing Bridge (opened  Aug 30th 2017) over the Firth of Forth and then east along the Fife Coast visiting the following specific sites:

Bridges over the Firth of Forth

  • Lower Largo: The story of Robinson Crusoe was based on the true adventures one Alexander Selkirk who came from this village (born 1676) and to whom a memorial has been erected at his birthplace.

Statue of Alexander Selkirk at Lower Largo

  • St. Monans and its historic church:A quaint coastal village best known for its parish church which dates from the 13th century. Models of boats inside the church reflect the close association of the community with the sea and fishing.

Historic Church at St Monans.

St Monans Church, Fife

Local architecture at St Monans

  • Pittenweem: Another quaint fishing village with busy harbour  and jumble of houses with mixed architecture. Pittenweem is popular with artists and each year the village hosts a festival for arts, crafts and drama.

Pittenweem Harbour

  • Anstruther: This coastal village (pronounced ‘Anster’ by locals) has a long history and once ranked as one of the busiest fishing (herring) ports in Scotland. Here are many small shops and an extensive marina.


  • Crail: A stunningly picturesque harbour  which attracts artists and photographers. Key attraction is the Low Countries influenced architecture and pantile roofs. There is also an art gallery, pottery, antique shop and tea room. Fresh lobsters can be purchased from fishermen in the harbour.

Crail Harbour

Crail Harbour, Fife.

St.Andrews:  A historic and famous town with a wide range of visitor attractions including the famous Old Course  (golf), Golf Museum, Botanic Garden, Cathedral, Castle and West Beach used in the Chariots of Fire film. We focused on the ancient Cathedral and Old Course and then had lunch at the Club House.

St Andrews Cathedral

St Andrews Castle

St Andrews Old Course

Royal & Ancient, St Andrews

  • Finally, we moved on to central Scotland, skirting Perth and then Dunkeld and Pitlochry. At the former we focused on the ancient Cathedral whilst at the latter we spent about 30 mins exploring the shops before  checking into our hotel for the night.

The Cross, Dunkeld

Interior of Dunkeld Cathedral

Telford Bridge over River Tay at Dunkeld

Main Street, Pitlochry

Rainbow over Pitlochry

Weather today was pleasant for the time of year, being dry and sunny with light wind and temperature around 10-15 degrees centigrade.

NB: Due to ‘sub optimal’ wifi tonight, all images herein are from library. I hope to update with actual images tomorrow. Sept 23rd: Post now updated with images from 22nd.

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