Shades of Autumn

This morning I took advantage of the (somewhat unusual) bright sunlight to obtain images of the illuminated trees, leaves and vegetation which illustrate the progressive transformation to the threshold of winter.

I experienced a wide range of subtle colours from various shades of green through orange, russet, brown, gold and ochre. These contrasted with the vibrant reds and scarlets found in the nearby walled garden which is maintained for display purposes.

Venue was Rouken Glen, a well wooded public park in south Glasgow where many of the paths are carpeted with fallen leaves.

Carpet of leaves.

Shades of green and brown.

Multiple Colours.

Dog walkers with pampered pooches.

Bridge over Auldhouse Burn (stream).

Bridge with weir in background.

Steps to winter.

Sunlight breaking through.

Vibrant colours in Walled Garden.

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