Rotten Calder River

Today, the Catswhiskers team undertook a six-mile hike along on the banks of the Rotten Calder River in Calderglen Country Park which is about ten miles south of Glasgow in the West of Scotland.

The entire valley of the Rotten Calder includes hermitages, islets, caves, crannies, ancient markings, fountains, fairy wells, countless waterfalls, over 200 nature trails, summerhouses, ruined castles, steep cliffs, etc., and ranks amongst some of the most romantic, rugged and beautiful scenery in Scotland.

The weather today was dry and facilitated photography which was enhanced by the varying shades of Autumn.

In addition to the excellent scenery we encountered four different species of fungi. Most of these omnipresent organisms are decomposers, making them essential recyclers. They break down dead tissues and return essential nutrients back into ecosystems.

NB: The ‘Rotten’ in Rotten Calder is nothing more sinister than a corruption of a word meaning ‘red’ referring to the colour of the ironstone over which the Rotten Burn flows.


Footbridge over the Rotten Calder



Falls on the Rotten Calder

Tall conifers


Woodland Trail

Castle Falls.

Falls on Rotten Calder