View of Chipping Campden with War Memorial and Market Hall.

This evening, I am posting information on the quintessentially English Cotswold village of Chipping Campden which is situated about 100 miles N.W of London. Population is about 2200.

Chipping Campden is well endowed with antique and other specialist shops, hotels, and restaurants.

Early wealth was derived from wool trading in the medieval period. The name is derived from a combination of ceping (Old English for ‘market’) and camp and denu ( Old English for ‘valley with enclosures’.)

Traditional thatched cottage.

A symbol of the village is the famous Market Hall (below) which dates from 1627. There is also the impressive, perpendicular wool church of  St James. Visitors are attracted by the traditional thatched houses as illustrated in images below.

Market Hall

Hicks Memorial inside St James Church

Parish Church (Anglican)

the early 20th century a community of Arts and Crafts specialists (metalworking, jewellery, furniture making, etc.) moved from London and established workshops in Chipping Campden.

Bay Tree Shop

St Catherine’s Church (R.C.)

A fascinating village which features in many tours of the Cotswolds region. Other visitor sites nearby include Stratford-upon-Avon and Broadway Tower.

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