Interior of St Georges

This evening, I am reporting on a central Glasgow (Scotland) landmark, namely St George’s Tron Church.

From an architectural perspective the church was completed in 1809 to the design of William Stark. However, the site as a place of worship dates back to 1687. The 180 ft tower is topped by a cupola  and obelisks with Baroque influences evident at the upper tiers. However, the elaborate decoration usually associated with that style is somewhat muted in this case. During 2007-9 the building underwent a renovation and restoration programme costing GBP3.0M.

Interior of St George’s

St George’s is a Presbyterian Church within the Church of Scotland. Services are held on Sundays and Wednesdays.

During 2012-3 there was a brief hiatus when the then minister and his congregation split with the Church of Scotland on the matter of gay clergy and relocated to another building. However, the Church of Scotland subsequently regained control and rebuilt the congregation at St George’s under a new minister.

This church is very open-facing and operates a cafe during the day which is of benefit to locals and tourists alike.

Note that the word ‘tron’ is an old Scot’s word for weighbridge and reflects the former industrial activities in that locality.

View of St George’s from George Street.

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