Abbey Strand and Sanctuary, , Edinburgh, Scotland

This evening, I am posting information on the Abbey Strand and Sanctuary which are close to the Palace of Holyroodhouse at foot of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The 16th century Abbey Sanctuary buildings are often overlooked by the many thousands of visitors who are focused on the nearby Royal Palace and Scottish Parliament. The buildings formed part of a residence for aristocratic debtors up until 1880 when imprisonment for unpaid debt was abolished.The occupants were known as ‘Abbey Lairds’ and were able to live under effective house arrest within the confines of a designated sanctuary area which included Holyrood Park, a few minutes away, and Arthur’s Seat, also close by. The occupants were safe from arrest provided they stayed within the designated sanctuary area. However, they were at liberty to stray outside the designated sanctuary area on Sundays only.

The western section of the buildings has been renovated to accommodate palace and court officials.

The term ‘Strand’ is derived from a small stream which once crossed the street at this site.

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