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Lamlash Stone Circle

This evening, I am posting information on a prehistoric (possibly Neolithic, from around 3000 BC) stone circle near the village of Lamlash on the Isle of Arran off Scotland’s West Coast.

Outlier rock with circle in distance

There are numerous prehistoric sites on Arran led by Machrie Moor and Giants’ Graves thus indicating a sizeable and well-organized population during the Neolithic period.

This Lamlash site is situated on the A841, 1.5 miles south of Brodick and 1.5 miles NNW of Lamlash.There are parking spaces on opposite side of the road.

This ring now consists of three large and one smaller boulder of local granite but originally the ring may have extended to seven stones with diameter extending to twenty-two feet. At S.E. stands a huge fallen boulder comprised of conglomerate which stands four feet high and is located sixty-four feet to the south.

In 1861 the centre of the ring was excavated to reveal a small cist measuring two foot two inches long and ten and a half inched deep. This cist was cut into solid rock. Inside was found small fragments of bone, black earth and flints.

The surface at this site is inherently wet and usually saturated. Appropriate footwear is required when visiting.

Snow Plough at work

This morning I ventured out in a heavy snowstorm. As will be evident from images, roads were affected. Glasgow Airport was closed for a short while. However, the conditions provided some useful photo opportunities, with some families taking the opportunity for sledging. These conditions are relatively infrequent.

In course of next few days it is likely that temperatures will rise and the snow disappear.

Children sledging

Snowbound suburban street

Part frozen pond with bird life

Waterfall in winter

Dog walker in the snow.

Woodland scene

Woodland scene

Park scene

Sheep in winter, at Killin

Today, I took the opportunity to visit Perthshire in central Scotland, about 2 hours from Glasgow.

Trip was inspired by unusual combination of prolonged sunshine, blue skies and a landscape covered by a few feet of light, powder snow.

Overall, the conditions provided superb photographic opportunities, as illustrated herein. Subjects included Castle Menzies, sheep, mountains, River Tay and Loch Tay.

Sheep in winter at Dalguise

Snow Road at Dalguise

Fishing Beat on River Tay near Dalguise

Castle Menzies, Weem

Ben Lawers Hotel replete with Snowman

Central Loch Tay

Snow covered mountains

Loch Tay in Winter, from Killin

Killin in Winter

Snow covered mountains at Killin