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This morning, we departed our overnight lodgings at Hatton Grange, Dunkeld and proceeded as follows:

  • Firstly to nearby ‘Hermitage’ which is actually misnomer for the combined experiences of Ossian’s Hall and the Falls of Braan. As we were early there were few other people around and we able to enjoy the experience in the quietness of the crisp, early morning fresh air. Tall trees, river, waterfall and peace-just great!

Ossian's Hall

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This morning, I collected guests from Edinburgh Marriott (Dalmahoy) at 9.00 am and proceeded north across Forth Road Bridge to East Neuk of Fife as follows:
  • Lower Largo where was born Alexander Selkirk, the real role model for Robinson Crusoe. We stopped at the sandy beach here to admire the scenery.

Lower Largo Beach

  • St. Monans with its historic church the interior of which features model ships suspended from the ceiling.

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This evening, I am posting images and comment consequent upon my participation in a group walking tour of Eaglesham.

Walk through Eaglesham

Eaglesham is an English style village located south of Glasgow, Scotland. It is very clean, prosperous and pretty and has been designated a formal conservation area. At one time the village, like many others, boasted a textile mill but other than that was not affected by the industrial revolution and does even have a railway station, leaving it somewhat isolated.

The name Eaglesham has nothing to do with eagles, it is derived from the Low Latin word for church, ecclesia with ham  being an Anglo-Saxon meaning a small settlement.

Eaglesham is, unusually for Scotland, a planned village. Historically it was controlled by the Montgomerys who were based at nearby Polnoon Castle (now a ruin)  and whose name still features in various Eaglesham street names.

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